Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bounty Mudcake caught fire!

I made a bounty mudcake the other day. It was the Woman's Weekly Cherry mudcake but adapted to bounty bars as my fiance is not a fan of cherry ripe.

It requires a tall tin lined with baking paper. i went a little over the top as normal when lining cake tins but, when put on the middle shelf they were rather close to the top of the oven.

I ignored this and was faffing around with another problem. with my large cake tin, if the mixture is slightly runny it tends to leak alittle. so i was cleaning up the drips and arranging tinfoil to prevent them from falling to the oven floor. last time i let the batter drip out it burnt in the oven and filled it with smoke.

Then i noticed that the baking paper had caught fire!!! I yelled for Dave and we took it out - the cake had a ring of fire above it! I refused to put the cake in the sink 'we can save the batter!!!' and eventually the fire died out.

The baking paper had burnt all the way down to the batter and had flake off but - i picked out each and every tiny speck, albeit with a little batter too but most was left unharmed.

so in it went again and came out perfectly. i iced in ganache and you would never tell that it had nearly been to waste. if we do come accross a bit of charred baking paper, we might only assume it is coconut.

a delicious cake - next - i shall try with Mars Bars!!!!!

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