Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mini Cheesecakes

After my epic week of cake baking i made one more treat for Dave and myself! I am my mother's daughter and do not waste anything!

The New York cheesecake was such a success and as luck would have it i used 20cm tin rather then a 24cm like the recipe required. So i poured the leftover cream cheese mixture into 2 separate ramekins and cooked them along with the cheesecake adjusting the time as i saw fit.

To make the individual cheesecake bases i used cookie cutters, crushed a few biscuits in a pretsel and mortal, added some melted butter and pressed the mixture into the moulds. After leaving in the fridge for 30mins i carefully turned out the cooked cheesecake mixture on top of the bases and covered with a little melted leftover chocolate ganache.

They were very rich but who cares on a Sunday night!

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