Saturday, July 31, 2010

2nd order after success of New York Cheesecake

Sorry for the spelling mistakes in my previous post - blogging doesn't work so well from the iphone!

I am most definitely caked out this week! From Saturday - Friday i have made a giant cupcake, 24 normal choc mud cupcakes, a Cherry Ripe mudcake, and a New York cheesecake.

Poor Dave set the rule when we moved in together that he would do all washing up as i'm terrible at it and he has suffered badly this week. Is a great ploy fellow cake bakers - if you have a partner who is a little bit of a neat freak and likes things perfect - pretend to be terrible at washing up and sooner or later they'll ban you from it! It'll save you so much time in the kitchen and you can get on with more baking!:-)

I think it is time we got a dishwasher though...

Anyhow.... this Cherry Ripe mudcake is amazing and would go excellent with Bounty bars too! Takes a while to cook and cool but ultimately is fairly simple and is so moist and has hidden Cherry Ripe pieces in the sponge. I made this for a friend at work whose favourite chocolate is a Cherry Ripe - great success in the office!

But i didn't stop there and made my first New York cheesecake for our 1st BBQ at our new house as it is one of the guest's favourite. Another success - absolutely thrilled! Bomb site in the kitchen though but not my problem!

And from that i have my second order - 24 pink cupcakes for the guest’s daughters first birthday! Can't wait to get baking again!

Now what shall i make this week...?

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