Saturday, August 7, 2010

DIY cake box for Giant Cupcake

This week i have my first Cavey Cakes order and it is for a giant cupcake. However, stores don't seem to sell cake boxes large enough! it's either you usual 20cm which are only 8cm high or a tiered wedding cake box which retail for about $20! i'm only charging $50 for the cake....

so i have brought the normal sized cake box and i'm going to attempted to make an extension! i am cutting a hole in the lid, about 1.5cm from the edges, and i am making a box out of white cardboard. I shall leave lips on the diy box and glue/sellotape these to the cake box, thereby hopefully allowing an extra 10cm in height - that should just about do it!

Then, the mission is getting the box safely into work and delivered!

This however isn't until Tuesday - so to keep me busy i will be making Dave a batch of banana cupcakes with lime and coconut frosting for him to take to work. Can't be eating them all to ourselves again!

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