Sunday, September 26, 2010

Classic Victoria Sponge

As been a while since I have made a cake due to getting engaged and all the drinking and partying that follows!:-) I had the house to myself on sat and so I was planning on making cupcakes to practice my piping. I even bought the good quality colour paste for the cake suppliers.

But we had an impromptu BBQ for a friends bday and I offered to make a cake. Classic Victoria sponge with jam and cream is her favourite so I attempted to make a light and fluffy sponge.

Came out quite well I thought so this morning I covered both inside halves of the cakes with strawberry jam and whipped cream. Too much whipped cream though as it went everywhere when cutting it! It was the 1st really hot weekend since winter and although keeping the cake in the shade the cream did not like the heat and looked a little weird. Still yummy though! I had 2 large slices!!!!

Next weekend I’ll do the cupcakes....

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