Saturday, February 5, 2011

The perfect mudcake

Ok, i've had enough! I just want to be over the testing and practicing and move on to the pile of exciting and delicious recipes that i have yet to try!

My engagement party is in april and i'm making a 2 tiered exploding hearts cake, top tier 6" choc mud and bottom 8" carrot with white chocolate ganache.

Planet Cake have a delicious choc mud recipe but it is renowned for sinking. After receiving many tips from the amazing cake decorators on the PC tea party forum - i used baking strips to keep the sides from rising to fast (resulting in the middle sinking) and covered the top of the cake to keep it moist, left it in the over for OVER 2.5hours(!?) and let it cool over night before turning out of tin.

This is a small cake and i'm amazed at how long it took to bake. Despite testing it with a skewer, i believed it was ready. However, when i came to trim off the crusty top it was incredibly gooey - yummy but too gooey to carve. Freezing it first may help but i think the 3 hours of baking will now just be used in cake pops.

So... i have to try again!

Although the PC is my favorite to taste, i have a 6" exclusively foods choc mud in the freezer so i will test that this weekend.

Once this is over i'm going to go cake crazy and make something new every weekend!

1st being using that sponge to make peanut but pops or truffles - crumble the sponge and mix with smooth peanut butter, roll into balls, stick on lollipop sticks and dip into melted milk chocolate! Mouth is watering! Will then wrap in cello wrap and give to friends or omit the lollipop stick and use as truffles and give as gifts.

I know a few people who would like fudge chocolate cake peanut butter balls!:-)

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