Thursday, December 16, 2010

The perfect cake...

So I have about 100 different, inspiring cake recipes I'd like to try and different skills I'd like to practice but I will not let myself try these until I am happy and settled with my wedding favour cupcakes.
My goal is to find the perfect cake that is moist and will stay delicious after 3-4 days as, being a wedding, there will be tons of other stuff that I'd need to do and making and decorating 80 cupcakes will just be extra stress! So I either make them 4-5 days before and then ice 1-2 days before, or, make the cupcakes in advance and freeze. I also need them to be about 2.5 inches tall, including the icing, so that they look right in the cupcake box.
I have found a great chocolate sponge recipe that tastes great 5 days out the oven, and also comes out the freezer unaffected. Problem is that it has no dome to it - therefore not much height.
So I'm on the mission to find the perfect sponge - white mud, chocolate, vanilla - anything, that'll taste great and have a good dome for icing.
Firstly I'm trying the Planet Cake white chocolate mud, then the Exclusively food white chocolate mud, then this inspiring idea or making holes in a vanilla sponge and pouring lemon juice and icing sugar in there. I'm also going to experiment with my favourite chocolate sponge recipe and see if by using more self raising flour, I can achieve a better dome.
The next problems to solve are: Getting a delicious butter cream that withstands the heat and is safe to eat after 2 days and to find the right tins and paper cases to make large cupcakes.
All this testing will result in lots of cake that needs to be eaten so I will be looking for volunteers, otherwise I won't fit into my wedding dress!

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  1. Why don't you use your fav recipe and add height with some chocolate ganache on top before you top with sugar-paste. This tastes fabulous and you can still use your old faithful recipe.
    Cheers Smurf